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damn computer...and quizzes

I spent like a half an hour trying to fix my taskbar to be arranged the way i want it. heres how i like it:

but it wouldnt give me two lines for the open programs. it kept insisting that the icons and address bar needed the top two lines and i couldnt convince it that they didnt. i still dont know how i did it. i challenge everyone reading this to try and arrange theirs like mine. see if you can do it. i dare you. i DARE you...

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?



Click here to find out what flavor you are!
damn people leave it up to me to fix their html...

So, here's to stealing useless quizzes.....

age I am --16

people i have slept with--zero

age when i lost my virginity--see above

continents i have visited--hmmm...north america, europe, then japan and micronesia which are both technically islands.

age when i first flew all alone--i flew from nm to ohio to visit my bro when i was....hmm....11 or 12? maybe?

number of girls i have kissed--0

number of things that would technically be classed as suicide attempts but actually weren't-- none

types of drugs taken illegally-- 0

drugs i am addicted to right now-- caffeine

number of people i would classify as true, i could trust with my life type friends--hmm....thats a tough one. i dont know if any right now

number of in each ear

number of tattoos--0

number of times my name has appeared on film credits--2 or 3...i was on some local show that starred kids about 5 or 6 years ago

number of times i have feared for my safety whilst walking around London at night--lol...thats a funny question. but i think my answer's once.

number of times a girl/boyfriend has made me scared of what s/he could do to me physically-- never

number of things in my past that I regret-- none. I actually surprise myself with this answer, but i think it's the truth.
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