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{{10 Bands You've Seen Live }}
2. good charlotte
3. unwritten law
4. QTA
5. dead kennedys
6. godsmack
7. mest
8. umm....
9. ?
10. ?

{{09 Things You're Looking Forward To}}
1. the GF concert
2. graduating
3. moving after i graduate
4. adema coming in september (hopefully)
5. any other good shows coming
6. getting to hear qta's new cd
7. gc's new cd in october
8. umm...
9. ?

((08 Things You Wear Daily))
1. a shirt
2. pants
3. underwear
4. my chain
5. earrings
6. socks (unless i'm not leaving the house)
7. shoes (ditto)
8. contacts

[[07 Things That Annoy You]]
1. People
2.Close Minded people
3. shows not coming here
4. People who use the word "Sellout" or "poseur/poser"
5. Living in this horrid town
6. damn songs that dont finish their lyrics
7. my mom

[[06 Things You Touch Every Day]]
1. My Hair (these are all stephs answers, but they apply to me too)
2. My Bed
3. my computer
4. My Clothes
5. my cd player
6. my keys

[[05 Things You Do Every Day]]
1. brush my teeth (ditto)
2. Go online
3. Listen to music
4. watch tv
5. sleep

[[04 People You Want to Spend More Time or Hang out With]]
1. cory
2. her
3. her
4. her

[[03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over]]
1. Stand by me
2. matrix
3. ummm....i dont usually watch movies more than once

[[02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment]]
1. i have
2. no idea

[[01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With]]
1. i have no idea

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