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CO fire etc...

About the fire in CO:

Since the fire began June 8, it has grown to 135,000 acres, destroyed 25 homes and forced the evacuation of 7,500 people. It is far from being contained and officials warn it could smolder until the first snows arrive this fall.

damn!!! and they think someone started this fire intentionally. that bitch.

geoff IMed me for the first time in weeks just to tell me that elva sucks...he's such an ass!

my austin powers spy name is serafina "audacious"

I didnt brush my hair or leave my house all day today...and i didnt mean to, but i slept till 230pm...say it with me folks....L-A-Z-Y!!! i have to work tomorrow, though, so i wont be able to repeat it. but my shift's only 5 hours. :-)

I found a website of a guy who got to tour with goldfinger for the sole purpose of taking pictures. oh. my. god. that is my dream job. not even job. i would do it for free (providing, y'know...they fed me and all...). i'd do it for any band (well, mostly...). i emailed him and asked how he got that job...goddamn lucky bastard...

Everytime I hear the powerpuff girls commercial on tv, i swear to god they sound like the rugrats. I know some of the same people do the voices, but goddamn, do DIFFERENT voices...

evilness is evil. this is what i have deduced. yes

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