Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

survey, kinda

001. Favorite band(s)? 182, cKy, adema, Green day, good charlotte, mest, unwritten law, bowling for soup, pennywise, dead kennedys, disturbed, something corporate, midtown, the*pennyroyals, him, the queers, QTA, eve 6, tons more...cant name em all
002. Do you enjoy concerts? damn right
003. What was the last concert you attended? dead kennedys, but i'm goin to mest/unwritten law tomorrow
004. Music you couldn't live without? Music altogether
005. Kind of music that would fall off the face of the earth and you wouldn't care nor miss it? spanish
007. How many CDs can your stereo hold at a time? Only 1 :(
008. Do you have a discman? of course...i'd die without it
009. What CD could you listen to for hours? green day, cKy, adema
010. Can you sing well? HA! no...

How many CDs do you own by...

011. Britney? 0
013. O-Town? 0
014. Eminem? 2
015. Incubus? 1
016. Blink 182? 7
017. Everclear? 1
018. Mandy Moore? 0
019. Backstreet Boys? 2
020. N'Sync? 2
021. Dr. Dre? 0
022. Fuel? 0
023. Linkin Park? 1
024. Destiny's Child? 0
025. Dream? 0
026. Korn? 1
027. Limp Bizkit? 2
028. Missy Elliot? 0
029. Nelly Furtado? 0
030. Jessica Simpson? 1
031. Christina Aguliera? 0
032. Eve 6? 1
033. Sum 41? 0
034. No Doubt? 2
035. Mariah Carey? 1

What comes to your mind when you hear...

036. Goo Goo Dolls? what happened to them? they were pretty cool
037. Lifehouse? nah...not for me
038. Vertical Horizon? one-hit wonder...that song got old *fast*
039. Vitamin C? not bad...
040. LFO? for a boy band, not bad
041. Savage Garden? :-( sniff...why'd they have to break up?!?!?!
042. Papa Roach? awesome...they should come back
043. The Bloodhound Gang? haha...coco...
044. Toni Braxton? Unbreak my heart, good song
045. 98 Degrees? nah
046. Our Lady Peace? Who?
047. The Verve Pipe? only heard one it, though
048. Craig David? noooooooooooooooooooo
049. Willa Ford? nonononononnonononononononono
050. Aqua? one hit wonder
051. 311? they're alright, i guess
052. Mikalia? who?
053. The Fugees? nonoooooooonnnnnnnnoooooooo

Either or...

054. Britney or Christina? both or neither
055. Punk or rock? both, but i guess punk..depends on ur definition, though
056. Edited or un-edited? un-edited censorships fucking sucks asssssssssssssss
057. Backstreet Boys or N'Sync? bsb
058. Nick or Justin? sue me...i used to be a bsb fan! :-P
059. Live or on TV? live
060. Amphitheater or arena? not quite sure of the difference....dont blame me, blame my fucking town, no, make that state, thats too damn small to have probably either one.
061. Live band or recorded tape? depends

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