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yay lefty

I found a NM mest fan. :-) actually, she found me. she goes to rio grande hs. she went to the 2 previous mest shows and is planning on going to the 13th.

I hypothetically asked my mom what she'd say if i wanted to go to abq and just do stuff for the day. she said not for a while. *smirk*

From the lefty interview at

Mainstream: What plans do you have for some upcoming touring?

Dennis: No, We are totally going to pull a Beatles like from '66 and retire and just make studio records.

Scottie: No, We don't have anything lined up right now but if anything we will end up doing California for the first part of July, California and West Coast. From like San Diego and maybe as far up as like Vancouver and back down and do Utah, and Boise, and all that little round part of the country on a West Coast run. Maybe do New Mexico again because we have done that a few times and we are starting to be cool there.

Dennis: New Mexico is cool.

WOO! :-D

I saw sid and nancy today...good movie.

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