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well, i just talked to shannon for the first time in FOREVER and it turns out she loves unwritten law, and has decided to bring some friends and come with us! so it'll be: me, coco, naomi, shannon, dani (havent met her yet), jarvis (he went to the same mid skool as all of us, but i didnt know him, just *of* him), ian (kinda knew him), isabel (havent met her yet), and noah (kinda knew him). all of us excluding dani and isabel went to the same middle school, jefferson, then i moved an hour away and they all went to AHS and thats where they met dani and isabel. this'll be awesome...i cant wait. class reunion!!!! kinda... In less than 24 hours, i'll be in the middle of a smoooooooooshed crowd, hopefully right up at the stage less than 10 feet from scott russo. :-D i'm so excited.

i didnt get my hair dyed. :-P i tried all day to get ahold of pablo all day, starting at about noon, since he said he'd call me at 10. his mom finally told me at 6:30 that he'd broken curfew last night and is grounded. yeah, i coulda used that info a little earlier, thanx. laurens party started at 3:30 and i was so desparate to get my hair done that i missed 3 hours of it trying to get ahold of pablo. damn..i was so wanting to get it done for the Mest/UL show, too. :-P

damn, why didnt i know shannon and i had so much in common??? we've been talking for a half an hour. we have almost the exact same taste in music. it weird...we were friends for 3 did i not know about this???

i apologize for all the online quizzes i keep posting..:-P wait, no i dont!

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