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damn school, and teeth

I seriously can believe June's almost over. God damn it. Not goddammit, God damn it. That means summer's almost halfway over. NOOOO!!! I have mrs walker next year...AAAHHH!!! She's really nice, but REALLY hard. (advanced english). We're gonna have to read like 2 books per week, and I'm REALLY not used to that. all my HS english teachers up to now have been horrible. easy, but horrible. I'm also probably going to have mr apps next year again. thats gonna suck. i heard the algebra 2 teacher is pretty good, nice, and easy. french will be cool. computers will be eh. chemistry...agh. i forgot what electives i got. AAHH!!! HELP ME!!! I'm thinking about school in the middle of summer!!!! NOOOO!!!!

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on thursday....fuck. any tips? I really dont see why they're called wisdom teeth. They dont make you smarter or dumber when you have them removed (...right?)
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