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I am...

K, my google game resuts:

Serafina is...
...appropriate (if not ideal) for entertaining guests
...a bright girl who knows very well that she was born on 30 September 1990
...arrested and deported
...and excellent proven mother
...just 1 km out of Otranto in the countryside
...fleeing through the castle's maze
...a young Mexican girl desperate to leave her impoverished existence on Oaxaca
...a strong woman with passion and beauty inside and out
...a woman who knows how to use the only real asset a woman in her position owned: her sexuality of Seattle's most romantic Bistros.
..devestated and loses interest in everything except her memories of her husband known for her spunk and eagerness to get involved in any issue that catches her attention
...unable to accept the changes in her station wrought by her move to the new world.
...working on a Visitor's Center and looking for suggestions from everyone.
...pledged to be the wife of Don Annibale, a wealthy but old pharmacist
...a Helen of Troy figure for whom men will fight wars.
...a network administrator at a large local company.
...the one who hangs back until she can make that one, perfect pounce.
...the princess
...aware that World Fusion can't rely on that.
...currently the Vice-President of the Council for Italians Abroad (COMITES)
...a gifted, sensitive Renaissance woman. excited abot creating and playing in online worlds as I am.
...wooed by her lover.
...dedicated to helping children cope.

Hehe...that was fun.

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