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Am I the only one who enjoys hiccups?

[ Current Clothes ] pajamas
[ Current Mood ] sad lonely and hot
[ Current Music ] ads on the radio
[ Current Taste ] ...spit?
[ Current Make-up ] none
[ Current Hair ] down
[ Current Annoyance ] my damn swollen cheeks
[ Current Smell ] nothing
[ Current thing I ought to be doing ] sleeping
[ Current Desktop Picture ] blink 182
[ Current Favorite Artist ] lol ellie..i don't like artists... i like bands...
[ Current Favorite Group ] too many to name
[ Current Book you're reading] stuff required for school
[ Current CD in CD Player] savage garden, cky, and goldfinger
[ Current DVD in player] none (i need to get one of those...)
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] none
[ Current Refreshment ] water
[ Current Worry ] i dont know...leave me alone!

[ You Touched ] ariel
[ You Talked to ] my mom
[ You Hugged ] its been too long....
[ You Instant messaged ] some random person that thought i was someone named lauren
[ You Yelled At ] my mom
[ You Kissed ] its been too long...

[ Food ] i dont know...dont make me figure this out.
[ Drink ] lemonade, dr pepper
[ Color ] black, blue, green
[ Album ] everything i've bought in the past 2 years
[ Shoes ] the only ones i own..
[ Candy ] i dont know...
[ Animal ] kitties
[ TV Show ] southpark, crank yankers, friends,
[ Movie ] i just saw 12 monkeys yesterday, that was pretty good. brad pitt and bruce cant go wrong. i dont realy have a favorite
[ Dance ] i dont dance
[ Song ] i have like 345939293, it would take me forever to list them. but right now i have one song on repeat (which i NEVER do) by Home Town Hero called Questions cuz i thought it would cheer me up but its not working....
[ Vegetable ] i dont know...i've recently grown fond of carrots. up until a few months ago i had some weird idea that i hated them. dont ask me why. i dont know. i dont know anything.
[ Fruit ] i dont know.
[ Cartoon ] southpark

[ Understanding ] i think so
[ Open-minded ] i think so
[ Arrogant ] not usually
[ Insecure ] sometimes
[ Interesting ] dunno, am i?
[ Random ] when i havent had enough sleep
[ Hungry ] hmmm...i honestly dont know
[ Friendly ] depends
[ Smart ] according to school, yes
[ Moody ] not usually
[ Childish ] not usually
[ Independent ] yes
[ Hard working ] uhhh... i can be if i really want to and am motivated...which isnt often
[ Organized ] uhhhh....let me put it this way. my room may be "messy" to the untrained eye, but I know where everything is. if i clean my room, i would be lost
[ Healthy ] no. i try to be
[ Emotionally Stable ] not at the moment but usually yes
[ Shy ] when i'm around people i havent known for very long
[ Difficult ] depends
[ Attractive ] i don't know...not at the moment with my damn chubby cheeks
[ Bored Easily ] depends on what you mean. i always get confuzed with this question. does it mean things dont hold your interest for very long? or does it mean that not many things hold your interest? or something completely different?
[ Messy ] hmmm...sometimes
[ Thirsty ] no but i wouldnt complain if someone brought me something which isnt going to happen cuz i'm home alone
[ Responsible ] yes
[ Obsessed ] only with music
[ Angry ] i can get angry but right now i'm just really depressed
[ Sad ] ....
[ Happy ] no
[ Hyper ] not right now
[ Trusting ] not anymore
[ Talkative ] no.
[ Legal ] most of the time
[ Original ] i think so.
[ Different ] i guess so?
[ Unique ] i like to think so
[ Ignored ] i sure feel like it right now
[ Reliable ] yep
[ Optimistic ] most of the time
[ Deep thinker ] hm....i dont know
[ Self-disciplined ] not usualyy
[ Sleepy ] i dont knwo
[ Lonely ] yep

[ Kill ] someone that pisses me off
[ Slap ] ditto
[ Get ReallyWasted With ] i'm sXe
[ Get High With ] see above answer
[ Tickle ] i dont know
[ Look Like ] what i looked like a week ago
[ Talk To Offline ] anyone who could make me feel better
[ Talk To Online ] ditto

1. Favorite band(s)? i have too many
2. Do you enjoy concerts? of course
3. What was the last concert you attended? UL and mest way back in march
4. Music you couldn't live without? mine
5. Kind of music that would fall off the face of the earth and you wouldn't care nor miss it? i think we need variety, and i enjoy at least one song in every genre...but i wouldnt complain if mtv cut way down on the rap/hiphop
6. About how many CDs do you own? too many to name...too lazy to count or name or....yeah...
8. Do you have a discman? yea... its a silver round sony one with a radio ( do we have the same one ellie?)
9. What CD could you listen to for hours? mine

How many CDs do you own by...
11. mest? 3
12. Pink Floyd? 3 i think
13. Tool? 0
14. rancid? i should buy them when i actually have money
15. Incubus? 1
16. Blink 182? 6...7 if you count the fact that i have flyswatter burned
17. Everclear?1
18. Weezer? 1
19. New Found Glory? 1
20. RATM? 0 (ew...)
21. Dr. Dre? 0
22. Fuel? 0
23. Linkin Park? 1
24. Radiohead? 0
25. The Pixies? 0
26. KoRn? 1
27. Limp Bizkit? 2
28. Smashing Pumpkins? 0
29. MxPx? 0
30. Foo Fighters? 0
31. Tom Petty? 0
32. Eve 6? 1
33. Sum 41? 0
34. No Doubt? 1 or 2 depending on if i can find my tragic kingdom...
35. Nine Inch Nails? 0

54. Britney or Christina?bleh....christina...shut up
55. Punk or rock? punkrock
56. Edited or un-edited? Un-edited.
57. Backstreet Boys or N Sync? bsb....shut up
58. Nick or Justin? Neither
59. Live or on TV? depends
60. indoors or out? depends...but usually in

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