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God, I'm feeling so depressed right now. I dont even know why. I feel like I dont have any real friends. I dont know why...I haven't hung out with anyone in about a week, but thats because I'm swollen to look like a chipmunk. Maybe its cuz i havent left the house in 5 days. No, I've done that before just fine. for longer, even. maybe its cuz i feel like ellie's my best friend right now, which is pretty sad cuz i've known her for less than a year (i think?) and she lives in ny and i only know her online. god, im so pathetic. i'm even losing my taste for chocolate! whats wrong with me?? If i was that way, i'd start cutting myself. but i dont do that. i couldnt imagine doing that no matter how depressed i got. ooh, i just got mail. i hope its something good....Damn, its spam. i HATe spam. i want to kill anyone and everyone who sends spam. i'm not even joking. someone needs to im me and make me feel special. not that way, you dirty-minded people...
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