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This is kinda old news, but I hadnt heard it. This was posted in a message board on may 31st, but it might be older than that

Former LIMP BIZKIT guitarist WES BORLAND is ignoring his former bandmate FRED DURST's pleas to rejoin the band.

Durst pleaded for Borland to come back, after the ROLLIN' group unsuccessfully searched America looking for a replacement.

But Borland has laughed off Durst's request and told fans on his EAT THE DAY website how he stands on the issue.

Borland says, "As many of you know my e-mail was recently posted on another site, and the person who posted it asked everyone to tell me to come back to my former band. I have to say that I immediately wanted to shut the account down, but ended up leaving it up for a while to see what kind of response I got.

"Although I did not read the hundreds of e-mails themselves, I took time to browse over the subject titles. 75 per cent or more of all the e-mails pleaded for me not to return. I was amazed. Thank you all for the support.

"You again have let me know that you agree with my decision."

:-) Yay wes. LB sucks.

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