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people at work...

There was a guy with a shirt from that said " It's not a crack house....It's a crack home." Oh, and Brad Pitt was back :-) There was another guy that had a shirt that said "I love animals" and I smiled. Then he got closer and i saw the fine print..."they're delicious". Okay, i know i'm not a vegitarian (yet),but thats just mean.

I was walking out of the door to go home from work, and my boss stops me and says "you're supposed to leave at 10, but since you're already leaving, go ahead, I'll make her *points to someone who was also supposed to leave at 8* stay until 9". i SWEAR my schedule said 20:00...that's 8, isnt it? so all the way home, i was feeling guilty about making someone else stay longer and feeling scared that i really was wrong. i got home and it turns out i was right. i was supposed to leave at 8. so :-P...its not my fault my boss cant count...

I love home town hero's "questions"...i love that song...i love it. i need to find mp3s of more of their songs. I only have that and "eighteen".

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