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why hadnt i noticed that benji's had his ears pierced since forever? ellie just pointed that out to me, and when i look at all the pics of him, i cant find one of him without them...

today was a halfday of school today, so juliana, lauren and i all got subway and came to my house and watched the glass house (my 3rd time, laurens 2nd, julianas 1st) and pearl harbor. both were pretty good.

damn it! i cant find anything about unwritten law as far as their history...its like a mystery. i want to know how long they've been a band, and i've only been able to find "early 90s" which could be 1990 or 1994 and i want to know, damn it! im also curious how old all the guys are, but no luck on that either. i'd like to know their birthdays so i can celebrate them. thats right...i have no life and celebrate peoples birthdays who dont even know who i am (well, actually, not true for scott, at least...:-D). like today, for example is chester from linkin parks birthday, so i listened to all my linkin park cds: hybrid theory, then my burned cd with all the unreleased shit. they have a *lot* of unreleased songs...and i also listened to my grey daze songs. anyway, if anyone has any info on UL, let me know! im not a stalker...i promise...;-)

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