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first half of the fourth.

Well, that was....boring. I went to tech at 4, cuz they always have all this stuff going all day type celebration thingy. So i went, found kira caleb and lauren. we sat, kinda-sorta watching the local band play spanish music. 10 minutes later juliana came. not much later emmy and tristine came over. after about an hour we decided we were bored. after making jokes about going back to my house and watching independence day (i dont know why we all thought that was hilarious...but we did), we decided to walk around tech. we did. we found a place to sit and caleb and i got into a vicious seed-pod fight. kira and juliana had their own fight that wasn't as vicious. lauren was gone looking for a bathroom. then we went back to the performance area and kinda watched this 13year old girl sing. she was ok. we walked to where we sat last year to watch the fireworks, then lauren left. then juliana left. then i left. we're gonna meet back there at 830 for the fireworks (which start at 930). i'm bored now.
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