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366. It's because I'm bored, can't you figure that out? ok
367.Religious? Nope
368.Try to be fashionable? nope
369.Think fashion is important? nope
370.Get along with your family? most of the time
371.Get along with your friends? yep
372.Get grounded? never have been :-)
373.Know any foreign languages? francais...a little
374.Run into walls/doors? only when they're not there
375.Blonde? literally, yes. stereotypically, sometimes
376.Who do you talk to most online? ellie
377.Who do you talk to most on the phone? kira/caleb/juliana/lauren...i dont really talk on the phone that much.
378.Are you a bum? hmm...not usually
379.Do you get online a lot? too much
380.Do you shower? yes
381.Do you hate school? usually
382.Do you have a social life? not usually
383.Do you trust people easily? Not any more
384.Have you ever lied to your best friend(s)? hmm...i dont think so
385.Are you a dare devil? kinda
386.Would you ever sky dive? hell yes
387.Do you like to dance? nope
388.Are you funny? i dont know
389.Are you a serious person? sometimes
390.Do you make friends easily? sometimes..if i have to
391.Do you work out? not really
392.Do you like to work out? not really...unless you count skating as working out...which it kinda is...?
393.How much can you bench press? no idea...never tried
394.How much can you squat? see above
395.Are you a popular person? depends on your definition
396.Do you have plans for your future? kinda
397.Do you plan to go to college? probably
398.Do you play sports? fuck sports
399.Do you like sports? no...'sept skating
400.Do you play an instrument? yes
401.Know what you want to be when you get older? kinda
402.Ever been out of state? yep
403.Out of the country? yep
404.Do you like to travel? depends
405.What do YOU think of the way you look? :-)
406.What do YOU think about your attitude? :-)...most of the time
407.What do you think about life after death? not sure
408.What do you think about karma? um..maybe?
409.What do you think about love? i have no experience in that area
410.What do you think about fate? um..maybe?
411.What do you think about yourself? i like me...
412.What do you tell yourself if times get hard? i listen to music...and the lyrics cheer me up. if they're sad songs, i just think about them and that my life's not that bad. if it's happy makes me happy?
413.What would you give your life for? i dont know...thats a hard question
414.What do you think about your first love? hmm....i'll let you know when i find him
415.What do you think about the first person that loved you? mom?
416.What are you scared of? not much...
417.Do you cry easily? nope. unless i'm watching a movie. i cry way too easily at movies
418.Who/What is something/someone that has touched you? Lotsa people have touched me :)
419.What was the saddest moment of your life? thats a hard question
420.What would life be without friends? miserable
421.Without family? not good
422.Without you? hmm....i wouldnt know, would i?
423.Are you deep? only when i think too much
424.Do you think love is once in a lifetime, or just chance? i'm reminded of the first episode of friends..."grab a spoon!!"
425.Do you like your town? nope :-P
426.Do you wanna get out of your town? fuck yeah
427.What design/logo is on your mouse pad? gateway
428.What color is your mouse pad? black and white...and green letters
429.Drink a lot of water? yes. i like water
430.Have a cell phone/beeper/etc.? nope
431.Do you like amusement parks? hell yeah
432.Have you ever been to 6 Flags? nope...:-( i want to
433.What namebrand do you wear the most? i dont have anything with logos on them..but i guess my answer would have to be old navy cuz i buy my jeans there. their guy jeans are nice and not expensive
434.Do you like taking pictures? :-D
435.Do you like getting your picture taken? sometimes
436.Do you have a tan? nope...i cant tan...i sunburn then when it peels, i'm still pale
437.Do you get annoyed easily? not really
438.What are your hobbies? going online...listening to music...skating....umm....
439.Do you have your own phone/phone line? yep
440.Do you have any posters/pinups on your bedroom walls? yes. lots.
441.Are you sick of this survey yet? kinda
442.Do you get good grades in school? yes
443.How do you vent your anger? i listen to music. music fixes everything. :-D
444.Are you a role model? i doubt it
445.Who do you look up to? i dont know...
446.Who do you trust the most? i dont know...i trust different people with different things. i dont think i trust any one person with everything
447.Do you have any piercings? one in each ear
448.Do you have any tattoos? Nope
449.Do you dream a lot? yep
450.Do you daydream a lot? not really
451.Have you had a nightmare lately? nope...i dont have nightmares...or at least...i dont remember them...which is just as good.
452.Do you have any allergies? nope. :-D
453.What did you dream about last night? i dont know...i only got about 6 hours of sleep. i dont dream unless i get 9 or so
454.Do you like animals? definitely
455.Do you have any pets? my kitty
456.Do you like siblings? mine, yes
457.Do you have glasses/contacts? yep...both
458.Do you have braces? not anymore...thank god
459.Do you have a job? yep
460.Have you ever been fired from a job? nope
461.Who did YOU want to be President? lol...
462.Who would you vote for, if anyone, and why? for what?
463.Do you have a curfew? i dont have a curfew, but if i have to drive myself home, then it's midnight cuz i legally cant drive past midnight
464.Are you a vegetarian? kinda
465.Could you be a vegetarian? probably
466.Have you ever thought about suicide? not seriously
467.Do you like coffee? hell no
468.Do you have a sweet tooth? yes
469.Do you like horror movies? yes
470.Do you like to spend or save your money? both
471.Do you keep your room clean? hell no
472.Do yours well? huh?
473.Do you eat vegetables? yup
474.Are you a flirt? not really
475.Are you good at flirting? apparantly not
476.Do you like to go to parties? fun ones, yes
477.Do you still go trick or treating? i did last year...kinda
478.Are you an angel or a little devil? my halo is held up by my horns
479.Do you get along with people? most of them
480.Have you ever just started dancing/singing in the middle of somewhere? when i'm alone, yes
481.Have you ever won anything? once or twice
482.Do you have a waterbed or a regular bed? regular
483.What size? twin
484.Do you get bored easily? ...
485.Do you play golf? nope... "ooh! i'm going to try to hit this little ball into a hole!! that sounds like loads of fun!!!!"
486.Do you play miniature golf? i have once. it's ok.
487.Do you like tennis? i used to play in middle school
488.Are you flexible? someways
489.Are you a sweetheart? i can be if i want to be
490.Would you like to be cloned? not really
491.What are your opinions on cloning? i dont know
492.Do you wish you could be alive when the world was ending, just to experience it? not really
493.Scaramouche,scaramouche, will you do the fandango? maybe...who's asking?
494.Did you like this survey? it was ok...different, which is good.
495.Are you sorry you began filling it out? not really
496.What questions do you wish it had asked? hmm...dunno
497.How would you have answered them? with the answers
498.What do you want the people who are reading this survey to know? i'm so sorry if you read this whole thing to here

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