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Take the Purrsonality Quiz!

What obscure band are you?

Which Member of the Osbournes Family Are You?

This Quiz Was Made By: Aaron </a>

note: this quiz was not personality-based

My Favorite Male Part Is:

The Pecs: Strength, power, and form.

Hey! His boobs are bigger then mine!

Find out your favorite male body part!

That's actually true. Congrats, test, you are accurate. Short, but accurate, which is rare. Anyway, i like pecs, but not as built as that pic is. I hate really buff guys.

The B-Movie That Suits Me Is:

Flesh Gordon: In the 70's 'big

budget' porns were all the rage.

These hybrids combined b-movie sets

and scripts with humpalicious action,

while not hardcore like modern stuff.

The ultimate was Flesh Gordon, now

regarded as a comedy.

Find out which b-movie suits you.


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