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pics from july 4th

Someone went around taking pictures of everyone at tech's 4th of july thing and put them here.

I've always been hesitant about putting pics of my friends online, but these are already on the web, so it's not solely my doing. There weren't any of me, sorry to disappoint you...I know you're devestated.

left to right: kira h, kira lueth, caleb, andrew
kira h and caleb are the ones you heard me talk about. kira L and andrew are 2 of their friends. i kinda know them, but not that well

I actually like this picture

kira, once again.

The one with the reddish hair (dyed, of course) is cheyenne. we used to be on friendly terms, but then the whole big thing happened and now i'm not sure what her attitude towards me is.

cheyenne again

These two people I dont really know, but they're friends of emmy's friends (like cheyenne). multiply this pic by about 20 people and you'll have an idea of the group that used to be my friends but now hate me for no reason. they're all (i dont mean to generalize, but this is completely true) hot topic shopping, mudvayne listening to, black nailpolish wearing, ballchain wearing....people....I swear, they're all more poseur-ish than what they accuse me of being. they all look exactly the same, listen to exactly the same kind of music and have the exact same clothes. ('d a rant get in there?)

This and the next one are examples of the entertainment we had....exciting, huh?

see above

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