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pablo...should i?

Oh, dear God. I just called pablo to ask him to help me re-dye my hair. amanda and melissa were over there and they were all (stoned and...) about to make muffins. blueberry muffins. pablo told me he'd mark one with and "s" and save it for me. those 3 are so hilarious when they're high...and even when they're not. i was on the phone for about 15 minutes and most of the time just listening to them insult each other while cracking up in the background (amanda: "kiss my cast iron ass!"). they're insistent on getting me high when i go over there on thursday, but....we'll see....they wont force me to do anything, but...i dont know....I called lauren and she's probably going to come with me. That makes me feel better. I dont think she'll do anything, so I'll have a sober friend who i know i can count on.

I really cant believe I'm actually considering this... I know most of you who are reading this would tell me not to. But I cant think of a reason not to. pot's not addictive after just one time...except psychologically, but i HIGHLY doubt that will happen to me. I dont get opportunities like this very often, so, dont worry, i'm not going to become a pothead. i'm 16. i get straight A's (mostly). this one time wont turn that around. and this one time wont lead to more times. i'll probably just chicken out anyway, but its a definite possibility i wont. feedback is welcomed.

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