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all those surveys i did yesterday, i wanna change my favorite movie to stand by me. oh, god, thats such an awesome movie. i love river phoenix and keifer sutherland. that movie's made me cry every single time i've watched it. it never gets old.

i'm going to be computer-less for a week, so i'm burning a bunch of cds. we have to take it in on tuesday to fix the floppy drive and then i'm going to paris for spring break and i wont be back until wednesday night, so i probably wont get my comp back till friday or saturday. :-( WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! how will i survive??? damn...thats why i'm burning cds now.

i'm trying to get a hold of pablo to dye my hair either monday or wednesday. i'm gonna be in abq tuesday, so i cant then.
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