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There was an article (front page, actually) in Time about vegetarianism. They listed 10 different kinds, and I decided to put them here:

1. Sproutarianism - A diet built primarily around sprouted seeds, such as bean sprouts, wheat sprouts, or broccoli sprouts, but usually supplemented with other raw foods.

2. Fruitarianism - Nothing but fruits and berries. But don't panic: that includes lots of juice as well as grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and even tomatoes and eggplants - in short, any part that a plant can easily replace.

3. Raw Foodism - Excludes anything cooked past 118° F, the point at which enzymes begin to be destroyed. Some practitioners belive that Jesus ate mostly raw foods.

4. Veganism - No meat, dairy, eggs or other animal products - not even honey. Many vegans also avoid wearing leather.

5. Ovo-vegetarianism - Call this group Generation Eggs. They eat vegetables plus eggs, on the theory that the hen would lay them even if we didn't eat them.

6. Lacto-vegetarianism - Vegetables and dairy products but not eggs. You can have butter, cheese, whipped cream, milk shakes, ice cream.

7. Ovo-Lacto-vegetarianism - The most commonly practiced vegetarian regimen. Ovo-lacto-vegetarians eat vegetables, eggs and dairy.

8. Pesco-vegetarians - they eat fish (because fish don't have sophisticated nervous systems)

9. Pollo-vegetarians - they eat chicken

10. Semi-vegetarians - People who who frequently, but not systematically, avoid meat and dairy.

I've been a semi-vegetarian for several years...I'm trying to be a pollo-vegetarian. But I've never and wasnt planning on calling myself a vegetarian...meat is meat.

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