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I'm watching this thing on the disney channel. late at night they show old disney stuff. they were just explaining about the multi-plane camera. they explained who and why and what and where and how and all that. and they had footage of them setting up the multiplane camera and what it looked like while they were shooting and then what the final product looked like....and i was impressed. even though this is all black and white and took place a long time ago and we have WAY more advanced stuff now, but it really was quite impressive and entertaining.

i lost my play button

theres this crazy lady who hangs out at smiths. shes really short, really old, and really crazy. and she hangs around at smiths for hours. she talks to the cashiers (and baggers) and complains about who-knows-what. i usually cant understand a single word she says. today, she was joking around with one of the cashiers who *jokingly* said "if you do that, I'ma hafta kick you out" or something like that. she got SO upset and started crying to another cashier and then (get this) sliced her forearm with her fingernail a few times. and you know how old people's skin is so thin? she started bleeding like crazy...someone got her bandaids. I've heard stories about her flashing people, too, and saying things like "if you think i'm sexy now, you should've seen me in my early days" (remember...this woman's at least 80 years old). she's insane...seriously. i seriously think she has a mental problem.

oh yeah, you know when i said "you'll never guess who i saw"? anthony hopkins was at smiths yesterday. yeah...i was in the same building as hannibal lector.

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