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moms paranoid again.


My mom is so protective. Overly so. She's still paranoid about the goldfinger show on saturday, and has now decided i need to go with someone there and then spend the night at their house. Despite never having gone to jay's house, she's decided its not safe for me there. "you'll have to walk from your car to the door and it'll be dark!!!" yeah....its kinda like that at every house. i might be able to talk her out of making me give someone a ride (not that i dont want to, its just i cant find anyone). but i still need to find an abq friend to spend the night with. i feel kinda weird saying "hey, mind if i knock on your door at midnight and sleep on your couch?" especially if they didnt (or especially if they werent allowed to) go to the show too...And my mom just decided this today, which doesnt give me much time to find someone.

SO...if anyone i know in abq wants to offer a couch for a night, i will be so grateful. please, someone. if i cant find someone, i'll have to lie, or she's coming with me.
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