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So Mom made this new rule that I cant drive in ABQ after dark by myself. She just told me this today. That completely ruins my plans for the goldfinger show tomorrow. I already had to find someone to spend the night with, but now it has to be someone that i can drive to and from the show with. She gives me ONE DAY to find someone...Thankfully, after debating with her about this, she said she'd make an exception for tomorrow. But I still have to find a place to sleep. Amanda's going to be out of town, but offered to ask her sister to be at her house so I can sleep there. She's so nice... I'm gonna ask coco first, though, before I take her up on that. I feel bad for asking such a huge favor from a friend's sister...Why does my mom have to make this so difficult?!?!?! The previous plan, with me spending the night at Jay's was just fine!!! But nooooooo....Mom had to go and start "thinking" and "reading"....She used the newspaper as evidence. There was a car crash in abq a day or so ago that got headlines. I said "you know what they DONT put in the newspaper...all the people who live day to day just fine and never get hurt. they far outnumber the deaths. thats why that gets headlines....cuz its so unusual." although, car crashes arent exactly UNusual, but....y'know...there are risks to just walking outside my own house, too...

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