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I'm back from paris, but my computer's still in the shop. right now i'm at the local college's computer. they're the way i usually connect to the internet at home, and the have a bunch of computer labs for anyone to use, as long as they have an account, which I do. I checked my mail last night after days of not, and i felt so much bettter. i'm now convinced i'm addicted to the internet. my plan was to come back at about 3, but here i am at noon.

i'm SO not loooking forward to going back to school (i'm on spring break, if you didn't know).

It's my kitties birthday today! YAY! He's 6 years old..

I'm trying to decide whether or not to put my paris pictures on my website. I may use one of those other sites and just link to it.

I got hit on by a hot French skater guy! :-D

I saw Greg the Bunny last night. I think it was a rerun of the premiere, which I missed. Its a pretty funny show. I heard the funniest line I have ever heard in my life on it:

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