Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you


(anything thats missing, already was...)

1) starting time: 2:11am
2) full name: serafina k (thats all you need to know)
3) nickname(s): sefra
4) school: shs
5) hair: blonde
6) height: 5'10
7) eye color: blue
8) ever been so drunk you blacked out: nope
9) missed school because of rain: nope...ha. if only it would rain that much.
10) set any body part on fire for amusement: nope
11) kept a secret from everyone: of course
12) had an imaginary friend: hmm...i talk to myself as if i were someone else...but that doesnt really count, so no.
13) wanted to hook up with a friend: yes
14) ever cried during a flick: hell yes. i cry too easily at movies
15) ever liked a teacher: romantically? no...
16) ever thought an animated character was hot: lol....yes...hehe
17) ever prank called someone: of course
18) been on stage: yep

20) shampoo: whatever we buy
21) soap: same as above
22) color: black, dark green, dark blue
23) day/night: night
24) kind of music: punk, ska, rock, emo, pretty much anything
25) lace or satin: depends what for
26) cartoon character: i dont really like cartoons except for the simpsons and south park...i'll sawy tweek. he's funny.
-love, friends and crushes-
27) have a bf/gf: no
29) who is the loudest friend:hmmm....kira?
30) who is the shyest: depends on the situation...i'd say me.
31) who do you go to for advice?: depends on what about...probably lauren
33) most mean: juliana ;-)
34) most sarcastic: all of us
35) people you talk to about someone you have a crush on?: megan...or naomie....i dunno....
36) ever missed someone: of course
37) hugged someone you liked: yes
38) fought with your parents: yes
40) laughed until you cried: yes
41) watched a sunrise/sunset: not intentionally
42) gone to the beach at night?: i dont like the beach...but yes
43) are you happy?: at the moment yes
44) are you talking to someone online?: no (dammit people! get online!)

-do you believe in-
45) god/devil: no
46) love: yes
47) the big bang theory: yes
48) heaven/hell: no im going to rot in the ground or be in a pile of ashes thank you
49) who named you: my parents...i think it was my dads idea, though
50) when was the last time you showered: this morning
51) what is right next to you: the floor...?
52) what is you computer desk made of: that pressed wood crap
53) what are the last 4 digits in your # : 3583 (damn...that was a hard question...and i'm not being sarcastic...i couldnt remember)
54) how many buddies do you have on your list: too many...188...i dont talk to most
55) how's the weather right now: dark and nice
56) do you eat oreos: of course
57) favourite song: anything by any of the bands i listed in my interested (yes i know i'm being vague...;-) ) okay, i'll narrow it down a little...something by green day (off of insomniac or dookie) anything by HIM, cky or....yeah....
58) favorite food(s): italian
59) favorite movies: ack...thats as hard as the fav song q. hmm...stand by me...jay and silent bob strike back, edward scissorhands, memento, fight club...umm...many more
60) are you to shy to ask a girl/guy out: yes very
61) if you could change your name: i dont know...i rather like my name
62) what will your first son's name be: hmmm.....something non-common.
63) daughter's name: same as above
64) favorite drink: apple juice, grape juice, dr pepper or vanilla coke
65) do you like scary or: What? i have a feeling someone edited this question wrongly
66) do you like talking to people on the phone or in person: yes
67) lust or love: a neat combination of both is cool
68) do you consider cheerleading a sport: depends
69) do you want your friends to do this and send it back:i dont care
70) Time Ended: 2:25am
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