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damn song...HELP

Damn, this is getting frustrating. No one can tell me who this song is by or what it's called. If ANYONE wants to help me out, let me know and I'll email you the song. If you didnt catch my other post, I downloaded a song, but it was labeled as something i KNOW it's not. I really like this song, but i wanna know who it is!!! It starts as, kinda, soft rock and gets a little's some lyrics I can make out...SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again...I'll email you this song if you want to be nice and help me.

rollin down my face
the taste of summer
dies upon my breath

things we live to regret oh yeah
i wont say goodbye
so you know i mean it
now i'm on my way
i wont leave a note
and each day that goes by
you dont see me
when im gone, im gone
yeah, im gone

when all ifeel is the end
and all i see is the end
takes a piece of me as it subsides

i'm gone, yeah

rollin down my face
i can feel the angels
no emotion

i can feel the rain
i can feel the rain, yeah

on my skin
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