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stuff...and quizzes and a survey

Anyone who knows something, tell me everything you know about Mozilla. My brother just got it, and seems very pleased with it, and, from his brief description (listing only the good things), it sounds worth looking into. Any help?

I still have a small bruise on my left jaw from my wisdom teeth-removal. long has it been?? my right side's fine, though.

Why the hell is anime so popular?

lol...even a CAT can get an LJ now...

I'd left mtv on in the other room after atr ended because i was too lazy to turn it off. a minute ago, i heard "this is dj qualls" or something like that so i RUN into the other room, injuring my hand in the process and catch a millisecond of dj before it turns into a damn britney spears video. damn her. damn mtv. damn them all.

I was random journal-clicking...this made me laugh....a lot....:I was going through a few bookmarks and clicked the Boston Globe Online instead of the Onion, and it actually took me half an article to realize which I was actually reading.

I'm addicted to mini online golf. My best score was a 49 out of a par 48. :-) i'm happy with that.

ACK! i need to sleep..good night all.

I am an

I mainly write about how black and dark things are. I have used bloody tears as a metaphor in the past and most of my stuff rhymes, even if they are forced rhymes. Most real poets and writers despise people like me.

I'm neither angsty nor goth...

which song describes you the best?

You're Michaelangelo!

You're the wild child of the group, always up for a party, a game, or any kind of activity that looks FUN! You have a short attention span and hate studying. But you're not all play and no work. When there's trouble, you don't hesitate to do your best to make it go away.

Which Ninja Turtle Are You? Quiz by Irish

What song...

...reminds you of an ex-lover: hmmm "people are strange" by twizted kinda counts

...reminds you of an ex-friend: "forgot about dre" by dr dre feat eminem

...makes you cry: "adam's song" did the first time i listened to the lyrics...but no song consistently makes me cry...oh....a year or two ago i listened to "show me the meaning of being lonely" on repeat and cried my eyes out for about 15 minutes.

...makes you laugh: hehe....does this count as a song? or this...

...reminds you of the one you want: any RATM song wish you wrote: none... never want to hear again: anything by enrique or lenny kravitz..i HATE them... want to get married to: hmmm....i dont know, but "i swear" would be nice

...makes you want to mosh/slam dance: SOAD

...sums up your teenage years: fuct up kid used to hate but now love: that doesnt happen to me very often. if i dont like a song, i avoid listening to it. like to wake up to: motivation proclamation or worst day ever like out of your parents record collection: ack....umm...seal's alright sometimes...? love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: oh, god...a lot of stuff...i rely on friends for musical and tv is crap

...makes you think of someone who died?: like i said before....a year or two ago i listened to "show me the meaning of being lonely" on repeat and cried my eyes out for about 15 minutes. love the video more than the tune: ack....i dont know...thats like comparing apples and oranges (excuse the cliche) but i'll say warning by incubus...

...reminds you of your first crush love: i dont remember what music i liked in kindergarten. ;-)

...makes you think of sex: ummm....any crazy town song (dont ask...)

...makes you think of being alone: i have no idea...i'll cheat and say that one beatles song..."one is the lonliest number.." love to hear at clubs: dont go to clubs
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