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stuff...and quizzes

"Brad pitt" was back at smiths today. :-) I've decided that's my only motivation for not getting fired. oh, that, and the, thing...yeah...

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton are getting a divorce. Aww....I'm usually not into the whole gossip-thing, but that sucks. :-(

Holy crap. I'm going to be a junior in less than a month. A junior...that's the one before senior. Senior is the last one. Junior is 3/4 through high school. 11/12 through school period. I'm scared! :-( I really want to be on my own and independent and shit, but...damn...that time's almost here (well, maybe "almost" is an exaggeration, but still). AH!

I realize I havent seen my kitty in a few hours. That's unusual. So I walk around the house, calling him (like that does anything...) and look for him. I dont see him anywhere. I begin to get a little worried, but can't imagine what harm he could run into in the house... I look everywhere and cant find him. I begin to get a lot worried. I search the house for another 15 minutes or so and still cant find him. Deciding to give him a little time, I sit back down at the computer and less than 10 seconds after i do, guess who comes sauntering in the room? *sigh*....he knows he owns me.

What do you mean bacon's not a fruit?!?

Sorry, your account type doesn't permit usage of the directory. BITCH! Anyone with a paid account want to find me the usernames of people in Socorro, New Mexico?

That guy that you people were supposed to guess but no one was Wade...unwritten law's drummer.

My bumper sticker reads:

Yes, you.
Take the quiz.

what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d
e w

(my comments in red)

cool air

If you're cool air, this means you probably:

* fall in love with a person's mind before anything else
* can sometimes be too cool for your own good
* like "interesting looking" people
* are romantically uninhibitied
* have no trouble two-timing people
* almost always get what you want
* say things you don't mean in the heat of the moment
* can swing from love to hate in a matter of minutes

Incredibly popular, physically attractive and unquestionably cool (yeah...right....), you are one seriously curious person (eh...ok). Your positive, outgoing nature means you always see the best in people(I'm afraid thats true). You find it easy to make friends (sometimes...if the circumstances are right) ... and fall in love. After all, how could anyone possibly resist you? (HA!)

in love: You're always surrounded by admirers, but can be completely oblivious to them. You need a boyfriend/girlfriend who appreciates freedom as much as you do. When you find someone who understands your need for independence, you can be an interesting and loyal girlfriend/boyfriend.

watch out: You can't always differentiate between friendship and love and you may have ended up going out with someone who should have remained a friend. Detached and analytical, it doesn't take you long to suss out a person's shortcomings. You're often accused of trying to "change" people you date, and they don't take kindly to you trying to turn them into someone they're not.

advice: Learn to love your boyfriend/ girlfriend for what they are, not what they could be. They might just be worth it.

cool air gemini: You're a flighty creature who loves flirting and playing games, but when you meet the person of your dreams you're as loyal as can be. Aww...

What's your element?

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