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my dream

I had a cool dream last night. I had this friend who was 22 and she invited me to this party, but it was 21+. I guess we decided it didnt matter or something cuz I went anyway. It took place in the middle of the night at a grocery store. The idea was that you could do whatever you wanted there. You could eat and/or drink anything you wanted or trash the place and it was all free. There were phones too. That part was important, though I'm not sure why. Anyway, I got into this "party" because they didnt card everyone, just the people who looked too young. Apparantly I looked 21. My friend kept getting hassled throughout the whole night because she looked 14 or something. But they left her alone once they found out she owned her own car. I guess the reason it was 21+ was because they sold alcoholic stuff at this store that we were free to get, but I didnt. I remember going after the yogurt for some reason. I hate yogurt. Then the police showed up but they couldnt do anything because we locked them out of the store. Since we locked the front door (because of the police), we had to leave through the back door...but the back door went out into MY back yard. But it wasnt my backyard, it was just the place behind the store. And....yeah. I kept being paranoid they'd ask for my id but they never did.

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