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they've never heard of the sex pistols??

The day before yesterday, Sunday, kira and caleb came over (i talked about that....with the free software...) and we decided we were bored and to rent a movie. we couldnt think of a movie, so we called juliana, the movie buff. while kira was on the phone with her, caleb hesitantly mentioned "that one sid vicious movie". i was shocked, first of all, since my friends are totally clueless to anything but mainstreamness. i guess caleb's an exception. :-) But meanwhile, we found out that juliana had already decided on "the devil's own". I tried to talk her out of it and into sid and nancy, but that didnt work. it didnt help that she'd never heard of the sex pistols (neither had kira...i told you they're clueless....). caleb and I were bummed, but juliana came over to my house with the devils own and we watched it.

So yesterday morning I was woken up at 1:30 by a phone call from caleb and we decided to watch sid and nancy. (kira came too, of course...). After the movie was over, kira remarked "that movie was boring." caleb smiled and nodded, but I have the feeling he didnt mean it.
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