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Go New Mexicans!!!

In this past week, I've found 2 other New Mexicans who are into the same music as I am! That is incredible. If you're reading this, live in New Mexico (thats NEW mexico, NOT mexico), and are into the same music as I am, (go to my site to see what that is), LET ME KNOW!!!

This kinda leads into a rant...I HATE it when I'm talking online to someone, and when I tell them I live in New Mexico, they think I said Mexico. I get comments like "Are you Mexican?" "So you speak spanish, then?" "what's it like living in another country?" FUCK!!!! People really shouldnt cheat in 5th grade geography class. New Mexico is one of the 50 states of the United States of America. It seems to be people from the east coast that think that more than those in the mid or southwest (obviously, since NM is in the southwest).

I cleaned my room!! Thats an amazing feat for me. I even moved my bed to vacuum under there.

People are coming over tonight for a movie (Caleb, Kira, maybe Lauren, maybe Juliana). The plan is to watch Four Rooms. I havent heard of it, but Kira's seen it and she says its an awesome movie.

My mom's wanting me to help her plan our trip to Paris in a few weeks...blah. I mean, I want to go, but I hate the planning part.

I remembered what I wanted to add to my website. I might do that today, and use it as an excuse to put off writing my term papers due Thursday...

I'd forgotten how awesome Godsmack is. I had my Napster on random, and a "Mistakes" came on, and I was like, "wow!!" So I listened to both cds. That was last night when I was working on my webpage. I worked on it for about 8 hours. I'm proud of it (have I said that yet?) I love it! :-D

Kay, I should go....


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