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Aerials kicks SO much ass....

I got the new QTA cd (which makes 2)! And the new Green Day cd (which makes 8)! :-D

Ellie: the new QTA cd's only 7.99 at the store...and I cant count on me going to any of their shows before they *sniff* break up, so let me know what you wanna do. I'll go pick you up a copy if you send money. Their first cd is or something. kitty doesnt like system of a down...

They had glasseater's cd at hot topic. You know the sticker that they put on top of the cd so you can see them without having to flip through them all? Well, anyway, they made a typo, so glasseater became

At sam goody, they had a big display that you see when you first walk in. It was filled with bands like bad religion, mxpx, midtown, h2o, millencolin and other "punk" bands (quotes because i hate to classify, but you know thats what was going through their heads). My, my...things are changing.
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