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damn nfg dates

the dates for NFG's Fall Headline tour with FINCH, Something Corporate, and Further Seems Forever.

10/3/02 Los Angeles, CA Palladium
10/4/02 San Diego, CA Cox Arena
10/5/02 Las Vegas, NV The Joint
10/6/02 Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre
10/7/02 Anaheim, CA House of Blues
10/8/02 Bakersfield, CA Salon Juarez Dance Hall
10/9/02 Off
10/10/02 Chico, CA Brickworks
10/11/02 San Francisco, CA The Concourse
10/12/02 Portland, OR Roseland
10/13/02 Seattle, WA Showbox
10/14/02 Seattle, WA Showbox
10/15/02 Off
10/16/02 Orem, UT Utah Valley State College
10/17/02 Denver, CO Fillmore
10/18/02 Kansas City Beaumont Club
10/19/02 Minneapolis, MN Quest
10/20/02 Off
10/21/02 TBA
10/22/02 Chicago, IL Riviera
10/23/02 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
10/24/02 Cincinnati, OH Bogarts
10/25/02 Detroit, MI State Theatre
10/26/02 Cleveland, OH Agora
10/27/02 Pittsburgh, PA Rock Jungle
10/28/02 Off
10/29/02 Toronto, ONT Kool Haus
10/30/02 Montreal, ONT Metropolis
10/31/02 TBA
11/1/02 Worcester, MA Palladium
11/2/02 TBA
11/3/02 Asbury Park, NJ Convention Hall
11/4/02 Off
11/5/02 New York Roseland
11/6/02 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
11/7/02 Washington, DC Nation
11/8/02 Virginia Beach Boathouse
11/9/02 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
11/10/02 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
11/11/02 St. Petersburg, FL Janus Landing
11/12/02 Orlando, FL House of Blues
11/13/02 Coral Springs, FL Sportsplex
11/14/02 Off
11/15/02 Off
11/16/02 Houston, TX The Engine Room
11/17/02 Ft. Worth, TX The Ridgley Theatre
11/18/02 Austin, TX Emos
11/19/02 Off
11/20/02 Tuscon, AZ Rialto

11/21/02 Phoenix, AZ Club Rio
11/22/02 TBA
11/23/02 TBA

FUCKERS!!!!!!!! Again...going RIGHT THROUGH NM....and do they stop? nooooooooooo.....

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