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I took AOL's "which cartoon character are you most like?" quiz. I knew while I wa answering the questions that it would turn out to be nothing like me. For example, the first question was "Who's your music idol? Pink, Christina Aguilera or Michelle Branch?" On most of the questions I was forced to choose one I didnt agree with. Anyway, I got:

Your score: 18 out of 30.

You're Dee Dee, the sweet, petite gal around town. Though you often tick off your sibling for simply "getting in the way," everybody else thinks you're the cat's meow for your overwhelming energy and sense of fun.

And there was a guys' version I took too:

Your score: 23 out of 30.

You're Jackie Chan, the quick-witted fighter with a soft spot. People like you because you're totally humble, but will step up to keep the peace whenever necessary.
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