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10 things

Here are ten things that you should know now or you're brain will implode in 3 seconds.

1."Don't dance Jordan, (Don't Dance Jordan)
You are a cat (You are a cat)
Spraypaint (Spraypaint)
You can dye your hair but you'll always be a little girl."

2.Radioactive Giraffes-Just because your friend has one, doesn't mean you need one either.

3.Don't press an iron on your face.

4.Hiding in a car trunk isn't fun.

5.Industrial Music can be made in the comfort of your home if you have cookie sheets. IT'S MUSIC!

6."Knock Knock" "Who's There" "Zebra" "Zebra Who" "I Told You To Shut Up"

7.The greatest dance move ever is the one that Courtney Cox does in the Bruce Springsteen video she was in.

8.Daved Bowie's name is pronounce Bow (like bow-tie) Ee (like the letter)

9.One of David Bowie's eyes in lighter than the other.

10. You can buy tables made out of feces on Neopets.
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