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Kick ASS! School was scheduled to start on Tuesday, but, like last year, construction conflicts are forcing it to be delayed until September 3rd! So BOOYA to <">you</a>, you, you, even you even though you dont really have a summer break, and anyone else who has to restart school in august. :-D And dont think "itll just be added onto the end"...this happened last year and they just shortened the passing periods from 5 minutes to 3 minutes or something like that and somehow that made up for it.

Why the hell do people with accents suddenly lose them when they sing? That is the one mystery that will baffle me until the end of time.

My action hero name is Wattshot. .....

Adema kept their word and they're coming back September 10th! :-D I hope my mom will let me go. But goddammit. I just found out Unwritten Law is coming on the fucking same day. We get no shows for months, then all of a sudden, I have to choose between UL and Adema. I'll probably go with Adema though, since I've already seen UL. But goddammit

WOO! I received 2 very nice packages in the mail. My HIM stuff, which included burnt copies of 4 HIM cds, which Heidi was so VERY nice to provide me. Of course, these are just to tide me over until I get enough $$$ to buy them. I'd hate to rip off HIM like that...and...I just like the actual cds better anyway.

The other had 3 fearless cds in it. :-D glasseater, near miss, and dont be scared 2. :-D i love free stuff.

Maybe it's just the grammar whore in me, but this site is hilarious.

My hip hop name is The Mack....according to AOL.

snicker. I'll agree with didymos...thats the best headline I've ever read.

Add Midtown to the list of fuckers who dont know NM exists.

American Beauty, Symbolism: The Color Red

what movie symbolism are you? find out!

That is wonderful. I give a standing ovation to didymos

These are just too good. I hope didymos doesn't get mad at me for posting these too much. Or plugging his LJ. ;-)

probability that phyxius has masturbated today:12%
phyxius's lucky number is:-2
phyxius is most like the color #f0cb95:
by James

Hehe...-2 is now my favorite number just because of this. But thats an ugly color.

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