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O o phyxius o O (1:32:28 AM): i'm gonna be a junior...thats so scary
CapnChuckles69 (1:32:45 AM): I know!
CapnChuckles69 (1:32:49 AM): It makes me want to cry.
O o phyxius o O (1:33:03 AM): i kinda wish HS wouldnt end....
CapnChuckles69 (1:33:12 AM): Yeah. I don't want to grow up.
O o phyxius o O (1:33:17 AM): being all dependent and having things taken care of for you
O o phyxius o O (1:33:18 AM): yeah
CapnChuckles69 (1:33:59 AM): I'm moving into Toys 'R Us...You CAN'T grow up there...Or at least that's what the commercial says,
O o phyxius o O (1:34:07 AM): lol
O o phyxius o O (1:34:15 AM): live in the little playhouses
CapnChuckles69 (1:34:30 AM): LoL That would be fun.
O o phyxius o O (1:34:46 AM): *sigh*
CapnChuckles69 (1:35:04 AM): Agreed.

I was all ready to slide my sleeping schedule to be able to wake up at 6am. I thought I had 3 days, but now I have 3 weeks. Damn it. All that going to bed as early as midnight for nothing!!! grrrr

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