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bad day turned okay.

Horrible day.

The VCR fucks up my tape of NFG that I was going to send gloryfades, so we both missed it. It recorded in slow motion or something...very weird yet frustrating. Then, my computer is being a bigger bitch than usual. It had been disconnecting me literally every 3 minutes, and then it just decided to stop letting me connect at all. "The computer you have dialed did not answer" DAmn them!!!! My cat is also being very mean to me. He was laying at the entrance of the computer room and being a very good guard cat. He wouldnt let me enter unless I let him attack my leg first. Then, my mom had to take my truck because her car has a flat tire, so I couldn't deposit my last paycheck. I like to drive around to calm down. But I couldnt even do that. Lastly, I was going to call my mom to ask her when I could get my truck back, but my phone quit working. I don't know why. The battery cant be dead, it was on the charger all night. So I used the other phone, but the line was busy. Damn the world. Everyone's against me this morning (shut is too morning. I just woke up 5 hours or so ago).

Things started to turn around, though. I restarted my computer, which, for some odd reason, cured the connection problem. When I checked my mail for the first time in an hour or so, I see that the dj replied to my letter I'd written. He's so nice. Then I found this exteremely hilarious picture that had me grinning from ear to ear. So I'm okay now, just pissed about the vcr and the fact that I'm stranded at home for the first time in a year and a half.

--- wrote:
> I just recently got back from a vacation in CA, and
> i swear I heard your
> voice on the radio. I dont remember the call
> letters, but I'm pretty sure it
> was 92.7, a little south of san francisco. Was I
> hearing things or did you
> follow me to CA? ;-)
> ~Serafina

He replied:

BUSTED! Yeah, that was me, but I swear I'm not
stalking you! Clear Channel, the company that owns us,
has the DJs do weird things like that...trippy, huh?

Hope you had a good trip!


Bob the angry flower is the best. :-)

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