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damn rollercoastery day

Remember how I said my day was starting to turn around? Well, it changed its mind. Dick brought my truck back, which was nice, so, even though it was after 5 and too late to deposit my check, my computer was pissing me off again, so I decided to drive around for a while.

Don't you just love it when someone borrows your vehicle and returns it with an empty tank? *sarcastic smile* Oh, and it's also wonderful when they fuck up your radio/cd settings and you have no idea what they did or how to fix it. I could not for the life of me figure out what Dick did, but now my cd player will only play at a volume level of about 3 even when turned up all the damn way. So my therapy, blaring music and taking advantage of the fact that the cops are slackers here, went kaput. I am now even more pissed off than I have been all day.

I'm now listening to my portable cd player. The connection troubles seem to be gone, but that's what I said earlier, so who knows. I'm listening to Korn's "HEre To Stay" and singing the lyrics as loud as I want (my headphones are on, and I can barely hear myself. Just the way I like it), since I'm home alone. The DJ cracks me up and I can laugh at the fact that they violated FCC regulations by not edited out the word "shit" in Alice In Chains's "Man In The Box". I feel slighly better now.

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