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Music...what else?

As you'll begin to see, the majority of my life, and therefore this journal, is revolved around music. Music is my life. I would die if I was deaf.

cKy is awesome. I just had to say that. cKy fans are so hard to find, though. No one knows who they are, unfortunately.

I swear I had more to say....damn.

As you can tell by the song I'm listening to now, I have extremely varied taste in music. I'll listen to almost anything. Hell, I even pull out my old backstreet boys cd every once in a while.

Fuck my ISP!!! I HATE IT!!!! I have to literally disconnect and reconnect every 10 minutes, and restart my computer every half hour or so. damn it. damn it damn it. damn it. damn it. oh yeah, computers are the other part of my life thats not taken over by music...

now to go talk to my mom...

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