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at kira's

Today was bad. I crawled under barbed wire 5 times, and a bunch of cows looked like they were gonna trample me. Scary shit.

There were fences where there wasnt before. So I crawled under the barbed wire fence. There was a cow where I had to walk. I avoided eye contact and walked quickly past as all the other cows glared at me. I was scared. I followed the path, and came across yet another fence that wasnt there, so I again crawled under it. I found the tree, which was a good sign, but I forgot how to get any further. I found the train tracks, which I remembered I had to follow, but there was another barbed wire fence between us (which, again, was new). I crawled under it and followed the tracks. I'd forgotten where to turn after that. I took the first dirt road I found, and after about 5 minutes following that, decided I was wrong and turned back. Followed the tracks again, but forgot where I'd come under the fence. I picked a spot, crawled under that damn fence again, and hoped I was close. I made my way through bushes and trees (prickly ones, too) until I found the tree. I was SO glad I found that tree. I was lost until then. I had to crawl under that damn fence again, but then I had the path to follow, so I was fine. Wait, no I wasn't. I had those damn cows to deal with. I saw a mother and calf which scared me even more, thinking the mother might be a little aggressive in her protectiveness. They all were glaring at me again. I was scared. If any of them had tried to chase me, I dont know what I wouldve done. It was this big person in sight...a hell of a lot of cows glaring at me....fences all around.... But I survived. I found a way to avoid the barbed wire fence, which I shouldve seen before.

That all took about an hour. An hour of walking in the damn hot sun, avoiding predatory cows (lol elaine), winding through prickly bushes, stepping over cow shit (hopefully), laying on the ground to get under barbed wire fences 5 times, and all while I didn't have a clue where I was going, or if I'd even find anyone when I got there. Hell, I didnt even know if I'd know when I got there.

When I get back, she tells me, "Oh, they didnt walk, they drove."


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