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I'm not much of a Weezer fan, but rivers is adorable in the keep fishin video.

I really don't mean to sound sexist, but females should not front rock/punk bands. I have yet to hear a band that I like that fits that description. Girls can play instruments, I'm perfectly fine with that, but....just, no.

I was talking to this person online, and not long into our conversation, she told me "you're boring.. it's unbelievable". Gee, thanks so much. There's a jab to my self esteem when I didnt need one.

I'm too hyper. I just danced circles around my cat until I got dizzy and a headache.

"I'm not one of those who think Bill Gates is the devil. I simply suspect that if Microsoft ever met up with the devil, it wouldn't need an interpreter."
Nicholas Petreley, InfoWorld editor

My kitty's a cheater!!!

I'm eating fig newtons. I dont know whether or not I like them, but I'm eating them nonetheless

Everything is so much better between 1am and 6am

Up until a few days ago, my mom thought cKy stood for can't kill yourself. Maybe I should've left her thinking that....
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