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the most active day i've had in a while...sad, isnt it?

Today, I woke up at 2, and got up at 3. After my mom nagging me for a while (and telling me that the chaos in my life is spreading to my brain), I went outside and pulled weeds for an hour.

I don't get that. I asked her why we couldn't just let them grow, and she replied "because they're ugly." Well, gee, thats a little subjective. If she thinks they're ugly, then shouldn't she should pull them? What if I like them? The ragweed shouldn't've had to go. Neither me nor my mom is allergic, and it really wasn't that ugly. Damn her. I can understand the wanting to get rid of the goatheads, those are evil. But everything else should've been able to stay. *sigh* Oh, my mom's other reason was that she thought the neighbors would say "why dont they pull their weeds?" Big fricken deal. And our yard is full of rocks otherwise, so it's not like the weeds are taking the water from other plants.

At about 6, I skated around tech for another hour. I hadnt done that in a while. I haven't had much exercise all summer and I decided that should change.

We get mail through a PO box. However, we still have a mailbox in our front yard, meaning occasionally, we get a piece of mail or two in it. I try to check it every week or so just in case. Today, I there was a letter from this "Who's Who Among American High School Students" letter warning me that I didn't have much time to send in my entry. Who knows how long it had been sitting there, it wasn't postmarked. I read it through, scanning all their "colleges and universities look at your who's who rank!!" and various other reasons why I should fill out this application. It didn't cost anything, so I figured why not.

I returned my two movies, frequency and carrie, and mailed the letter. I wanted to drive around some more, but the sun was at that annoying place in the sky that's too low for the visor but still directly in my eyes. I was hungry anyway, so I came home. I have a hot pocket in the microwave right now that I'm about to eat, and when I finish that, I'll go drive around and let my various downloads download.

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