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good day today was

Take the test, by Emily.

hey, at least you TRY to insult people. unfortunately, you're a failure, and you never get it right. like this guy - he's all sideways...

YAY! I had a good day today. I love albuquerque. It's so fun. I wish I lived there.

I had a dentist appointment today in abq, and mom let me go by myself. :-D

I got a new wallet, which I desperately needed, and 2 cds. After the dentist, I stopped by laura and audrey's to drop off their cds I made for them. I met laura's friend kim, who was extremely nice to me. audrey was at soccer practice. laura's getting into the "punk" scene now. it's really weird. weird but cool. she says she's going to see rufio in a few weeks and that she likes relient k too. she was jealous of me going to the goldfinger/mest show. but she's not the poser /teenie /just-jumping-on-the-bandwagon kind. what's this? a concert-buddy? :-D

I stopped by the zone and got some incense. even though it wasnt opened, it filled my truck with very very good smellingness. :-D I'd just finished listening to one of the cds i got, goldfinger's s/t, and they make me laugh. :-D

I was already in a good mood (hence all the :-D's) , when I flipped on the radio and heard sloppy joe talking about the adema show sept 10th. Mom had said i had to find someone to go with from socorro since it's a school night and she wont let me drive at night by myself. that wasnt looking too likely. but sloppy made a new announcement. adema will be the opening band. they'll be opening for a bunch of local bands...they'll be going on at 7:00!! which means they'll be done at the latest 830 which means i can be home by 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which means it'll be easier to find someone from here to go with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! which means mom wont be as likely to say no!!!!!!!!!!!! We're going to have to leave as soon as school gets out, though. that'll be leaving at, like, 330, and getting there at 430. doors open at 6....thats only an hour and a half. if we're lucky. it'll be okay...hopefully....

Speaking of shows.... (look at me!! planning two concerts at once!! this is a first!!), THE LAUNCHPAD LETS IN CAMERAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME?????????? WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's also sad, because it'll be for the last qta show ever....ever.... But I'm happy...cuz I can go to it....and take pictures....:-D and jason is making me send them to him.....:-D

And mom okayed me getting another piercing!!


I'm still really excited about being allowed to bring my camera in! :-D

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