March 3rd, 2002

hell's kitten

My website's done!

WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm done with my website!!! :-D I'm so happy!! And proud..*sniff*...Everyone should go see it and sign the guestbook. That's my first time working with frames. It took me the whole day. From the time of the last entry in here, until now. It's 2:23 AM. Well, I'm not *completely* done, I'll be updating it every so often, but for now, it is. There was something else i was going to put on it, but I can't remember right now...I wonder if LiveJournal allows HTML tags on here? click here.. I hope that worked. If not, copy and paste this:

And go to my website! :-D
God, I'm tired....I'm gonna go sleep now.
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hell's kitten

Go New Mexicans!!!

In this past week, I've found 2 other New Mexicans who are into the same music as I am! That is incredible. If you're reading this, live in New Mexico (thats NEW mexico, NOT mexico), and are into the same music as I am, (go to my site to see what that is), LET ME KNOW!!!

This kinda leads into a rant...I HATE it when I'm talking online to someone, and when I tell them I live in New Mexico, they think I said Mexico. I get comments like "Are you Mexican?" "So you speak spanish, then?" "what's it like living in another country?" FUCK!!!! People really shouldnt cheat in 5th grade geography class. New Mexico is one of the 50 states of the United States of America. It seems to be people from the east coast that think that more than those in the mid or southwest (obviously, since NM is in the southwest).

I cleaned my room!! Thats an amazing feat for me. I even moved my bed to vacuum under there.

People are coming over tonight for a movie (Caleb, Kira, maybe Lauren, maybe Juliana). The plan is to watch Four Rooms. I havent heard of it, but Kira's seen it and she says its an awesome movie.

My mom's wanting me to help her plan our trip to Paris in a few weeks...blah. I mean, I want to go, but I hate the planning part.

I remembered what I wanted to add to my website. I might do that today, and use it as an excuse to put off writing my term papers due Thursday...

I'd forgotten how awesome Godsmack is. I had my Napster on random, and a "Mistakes" came on, and I was like, "wow!!" So I listened to both cds. That was last night when I was working on my webpage. I worked on it for about 8 hours. I'm proud of it (have I said that yet?) I love it! :-D

Kay, I should go....

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Music...what else?

As you'll begin to see, the majority of my life, and therefore this journal, is revolved around music. Music is my life. I would die if I was deaf.

cKy is awesome. I just had to say that. cKy fans are so hard to find, though. No one knows who they are, unfortunately.

I swear I had more to say....damn.

As you can tell by the song I'm listening to now, I have extremely varied taste in music. I'll listen to almost anything. Hell, I even pull out my old backstreet boys cd every once in a while.

Fuck my ISP!!! I HATE IT!!!! I have to literally disconnect and reconnect every 10 minutes, and restart my computer every half hour or so. damn it. damn it damn it. damn it. damn it. oh yeah, computers are the other part of my life thats not taken over by music...

now to go talk to my mom...
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movies, my site, studying

Four Rooms is such a crazy-ass movie...It's so awesome, though. That is a really good movie. It's got all kinds of people in it. I'm now a Quentin Tarantino fan.

I'm so proud of my site!! No ads!! Woooooooooooo AND backgrounds!! WOOOOOOOOO....But, the problem is no one signs the guestbook. Yes, I have some, but with 1003 hits, and not EVEN that many entries....somethings wrong. I don't care if I know the person or not. I kinda prefer it if I dont, cuz that means my site's getting around, and not just to my friends. MY SITE!! CLICK HERE DAMN IT!!!!

DAMN....I dont want to study for my history test tomorrow....I suppose I should, though. I dont want to fail that class. I'm on the verge of it, too. DAMN. I really dont want to study. DAMN IT...I need to, though. NO. Shit....Merde. Fuck....okay, here I go....:-P
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(no subject)

Damn...(yes, I'm just stalling my studying). JUST when I thought I was fine. JUST when I thought I could ignore it. JUST when I thought I could deal with it. HE had to go and smash that. he HAD to go and be awesome. he HAD to go and be all nice and conversating.Shit....I dont like having a crush on my best friends boyfriend.
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Why do the weekends go by so fast??? It's Sunday evening, 10:44, and tomorrow I have to go to school...Wasn't it Friday just 10 minutes ago? I's okay, it's just the getting up early part that bugs me.

My cat's so funny. He gets pissed at me for some unknown reason, and wants to bite me. I know the look on his face if he wants to bite me, so I give him my knee to attack. I'm wearing jeans, so I cant really feel it. The funny part is that he's gotten a lot less aggressive since I've started doing this.

No, I havent studied yet...I really should, though. I really, really should. But I dont want to. I'll probably glance over it at the last minute (and you wonder why I fail...)

Some guy just IMed me on MSN. I have no clue who he is, and he doesnt know who I am...he lives in canada...he says i'm on his list, but I can be because MSN tells you when someone adds you, and I havent gotten shit from this guy...oh well.

I wonder how many people read this?
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God, this guy is too cliche-ly deep. "Its the little things in life that make it worth living" He actually said that. "Everyone gets the big moments...getting a job, passing school, it happens in everyones life, no one's the little things" GAG!!!! Come on..yeah, it may be true, but there are exceptions to every rule, including that one. Even so, everyone on the earth has heard that. PLEASE....gag me with a spoon.

Wow...I love hearing a song that you havent heard in forever. Especially when you used to love that song. I'm listening to Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American. its not that i used to love that song, but it is a good one, and I havent heard it in forever.
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i hate arrogant assholes

I HATE people who act like they know more than i do. especially when they dont. matt toufel. asshole. arrogant one, too. jc is too. matts a year younger than me. he thinks he's 25. matt was checking his mail in french class the other day and was bragging (disguising it as complaining) about how much spam he gets. BAH! he said he hadnt checked his mail in a few days and he had 5 pieces of spam. BAH!!! I get 3 or 4 every time I check my mail which is at least 3 times a day. I was trying to explain that to him and I said the word "spam" and he looked at his friend who was sitting next to him and started cracking up. his friend, who's a computer geek (i dont mean that in a bad way...I'd consider myself a computer geek) just blankly looked at him. matt didnt even know that that was what that was called, and he was trying to show *me* up with his so-called computer knowledge. he always tries to fix the computer in that class when something goes wrong, but just makes an ass of himself, and an even bigger one when he tries to cover up the fact that he didnt know how to fix it. speaking of arrogant assholes...why am i listening to limp bizkit???
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