March 5th, 2002

hell's kitten

shit, crap, and more crap-shit

Yahoo is shit. So is AOL. So is my ISP. Yahoogroups was out of service yesterday, which meant I'd be getting 2 days worth of email today. But I didn't. I have my own yahoo group, and i've sent out at least 10 emails that havent gone through yet. yahoo is shit. aol is *as* mean, but it's still crap. we all know that.

my isp is shit. it's a slow 56k, which is the fastest you can get in this crap-town, but i have heard rumors that dsl is available now...i'll have to look into that. right now, it's freezing every 2 or 3 minutes. not the regular kind of freezing, it doesnt let you know that it froze. it looks normal. but when you notice that the page you clicked on 5 minutes ago still is a blank screen, you know something's up. so i've been having to disconnect every 5 minutes, 2 or 3 of those "connected" minutes, i'm not even connected. that parts not a big deal. i just click the disconnect button, then bring it back up to connect. but, every half hour or so, when i click the disconnect button, that little window freezes.i do ctrl-alt-delete and "end task" it, and the computer restarts itself. no warning or anything, it just restarts. when downloading songs, i'm lucky to get 1Kb/sec. usually its about .5Kb/sec or so...right now, however, it's even .02Kb/sec, but that wont last. it'll speed up in a minute. it takes at least an hour to dl a song. i'm lucky if it's that fast. i usually leave my computer on overnight with 4 or 5 songs in queue and if they didnt cancel, a few are done when i get up. SHIT ISP!!!

it turns out my 2 term papers are due friday, not thursday, so i have more time. right now i'm working on my english essay. ms peguero sucks. we watched gladiator in class, and, as a desperate act to give us a somewhat worthwhile assignment, she makes us write a movie review. from another teacher, done in a different way, this might be a good assignment, but peguero's teaching methods are crap. Go here to read other people's thoughts on her and other teachers at my shit-school. My friend Joby runs that site.

I guess thats it for now...oh, one good thing. benji and joel from good charlotte are hosting a new mtv show that plays all rock videos!!! :-D i hope they play good ones. the bad news is that it's on at 1AM! :-( my VCR will be working overtime...i can guarantee that. i hope they get bumped to a more accessible time slot, though. kick off trl for this show!!! :-) i didnt say that...

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