March 16th, 2002

hell's kitten

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you are somewhat more ominous than average.<p>
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I took the Bust A Groove 2 character selector <a href="">here</a>!<br>
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hell&#39;s kitten

I got emailed this...sounded goes...

for each letter, write something you like:

A - aminals
B - blink 182
C - cats
D - da computer
E - elephants
F - fun
G - green day/good charlotte
H - him
I - ice cream
J - japan
K - keyrings
L - linkin park
M - mest
N - nothing
O - oompa loompas
P - the*pennyroyals
Q - the queers (a band)
R - rancid
S - something corporate
T - thursdays
U - unwritten law
V - venting
W - water
X - x-mas
Y - yin-yangs
Z - zodiac
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