March 19th, 2002

hell's kitten

unwritten law and mest

I saw Unwritten Law and Mest last night!!! :-D It was so awesome...let me start at the beginning

We thought the doors opened at 7, so we (coco and i) got there at 6. we got a good place in line. it turns out the doors actually opened at 6:30 (well, were *scheduled* to), but we were fine. while we were standing in line, i noticed two guys walk past us, and as i finally recognized them as jeremiah and nick from mest! but, they were too far gone for me to catch up to them. a little while later, i saw someone else walk by, and it turned out to be tony from mest! but, again, it was too late to catch up too him. at this point, i was paranoid watching everyone, hoping someone would walk by again. luckily, tony did. but, i chickened out of going up to him. :-( but, luckily he walked by again! but again, i chickened out of going up to him. anyway, to make a long (kinda) story short, on his 4th time walking by, i finally went up to him. i just followed behind him for a few feet, cuz he was talking to someone and i didnt want to interrupt. i realized that if i kept doing that, he'd get away, so i tapped him on the shoulder. he stopped walking, finished his convo with whoever it was, and i got an autograph and a picture. :-) by then, coco had come around the corner to see what'd taken me so long, and tony offered a pic with her too. coco hadn't heard of mest before that night, but accepted anyway. it was weird, though. no one else even seemed to notice him, or they didnt care. i think a few people went up to him after i did, but i'm not sure...i wasnt really paying attention to anyone else at that point.

anyway, we got in around 715, 730, and hornswoggled started at around 8. they threw stickers into the crowd, and somehow, magically, i got one. you know how stickers, or any pieces of paper-shaped things dont throw very well...I was pretty close to the front, so that was good. they played for i dont know how long, bu the flying tigers came on at about 8. they threw stickers, and i got one of those too... thanks to the security guard in between the barricades and the stage. its about a 4 foot space between the barricade where the crowd is and the stage. as i said before, paper-shaped things dont throw very far, so most landed in that gap. so, the security guard standing there (to help crowdsurfers down) picked em up and handed em to us, and i got one. i really enjoyed hornswaggled and the flying tigers. i asked one of the secrity guards for the set list off the stage, and he gave it to me. :-D i'm not sure if it was HS's or TFT's...I'm gonna go find their websites and figure it out. I got 1 pic of HS and 2 of TFT.

Mest came out around 9. they kicked so much ass! i got a lot of pics of them. mostly of jeremiah, for some reason. i guess it was cuz he was being weird and doing weird things...damn, i wish i'd gotten more of tony. i got several of matt, and i made a point to get one of nick, but he was hidden behind tony most of the time. i only got one of tony. :-( anyway, the crowd literally went wild for mest. everyone was singing every word. i'm pretty sure mest had more fans than UL.

unwritten law came out around 11. they were pretty cool. during seeing red they had really bright flashy lights that coincided with the chorus, but it seemed like they were aimed right at me and it hurt my eyes :-( *sniff* At one point, scott brought out a bottle of beer and sprayed the audience...that was not cool. i'm a pretty new UL fan, and I only have their lastest cd, elva, so i didnt recognize a lot of the songs. it was soooooo sqooooshed. i could lift up both my feet and still be upright. someone could've gone unconscious and no one would've noticed. it'd been like that since about the middle of the second act, TFT. so, about a half an hour into UL, coco (who'd only heard seeing red on the radio and wasnt familiar with any of their stuff either) and i agreed to leave the sqooshness.

we left the crowd, and hung out in the merchandise area for the rest of UL's set. i'm SO glad we did that, too. while we were hanging out there, tony, jeremiah, and matt all walked by. i got pics with jere and matt, and i told tony "good show" and he gave me a big grin. matt signed my ticket (like tony did before the show). i realized after he walked off, that that was stupid, since i was holding a brand new, white mest shirt that i'd just bought. so, i asked jere to sign that. i was disappointed i couldnt find nick, tho. it was weird...i had no problems or hesitations going up to anyone after the show like i had with tony before the show. i also had two of the guys from HS sign their sticker. they were sitting at the merch table selling their cds etc...they were SO nice!

the reason coco and i stayed in the merch area instead of just going home, is cuz i had a plan to catch the bands on the way out to their buses afterwards. we stayed inside so we could at least hear UL finish (now that i think about it, we probably would've heard it outside, anyway) and we'd know when they were done, and we'd beat the rush of fans.

that plan worked. i got scott about to go into his bus and asked him for a pic (that was my last one!) but i didnt get him to sign anything :-P. he seemed kinda out of wonder why??

coco found a friend who had a cell phone that i used to call my mom to pick us up. she'd been at denny's with my bro, Jay. while waiting for her...a greyhound bus drove by. i found that quite amusing.

i'll put up the pics on my site by the weekend at the latest.

damn, the radio station here really pisses me off. for several reasons. its the only station, i think in the state, that plays rock-type music. that includes all kinds of rock. rock is very broad, but they're the ones responsible for playing it all. from goldfinger (*very* rarely) to metallica to limp bizkit...whatever. yet somehow they manage to pick a few songs and stick to them. :-P and that consists of purely mainstream. like, *complete* mainstream. not that thats bad, but it'd be nice to have some variety. i dont understand it though, cuz the DJ thats in charge of selecting music is supposedly into not-so-mainstream "punk". so you'd think he'd pick some good stuff. what pisses me off even more, though, is that that radio station sponsors concerts. they sponsored dead kennedys in january, and this UL and mest one. BUT they NEVER play any of those bands music. they promote the HELL out of those away tickets, have contests etc...but you never hear DK or Mest on it. they play seeing red, though. but none of UL's older stuff. such hypocrites. when mest was onstage, tony even said that told us to request their stuff...and the DJ was right fucking backstage. (the dj does that so the next day he can go on-air and say how much ass that show kicked...). damn him...DAMN adam 12..... DAMN YOU!!!!