March 20th, 2002

hell's kitten

more about the concert..

Yeah, I lost some respect for Scott Russo last night. and now i dont know what to think of him. while he was onstage, he had at least two cigarrettes, both of which he just dropped on the stage when he was done. so that wasnt very cool. then, he brought a bottle of beer out and sprayed the whole audience with it...that wasnt cool at all. those are the negatives... However, when I was getting the picture with him, he was *really* nice. and, he's an awesome musician and he's really hot. so, i dont know what to think of him.

second. i forgot to tell this little story. when i gt hornswaggled's autographs, i wasnt sure which of them were in the band. it was the first night i'd ever heard of them, or their music, so you cant blame me. but i really did enjoy the music, so sue me for not paying attention what they all looked like. i wasnt expecting a pop quiz afterwards. i did recognize one of them, the (im pretty sure) bassist, cuz he had a mohawk. there were two other guys there, and only one of them was in the band. so i took a chance and asked one of them. he pointed to the other guy. i felt so embarrassed. i dont know if he even noticed it, though, he was really nice, and asked me my name and wrote a message along with his signature. so thats why i'd said before that they were really cool. they're from san diego, and cali has a reputation for producing awesome punk bands, so I have high expectations from these guys. if they become big, let me just say this: I knew them first!!!!! lol...jk...

i'm going to fail history...:-( i dont know that for sure, but i havent been doing to good on tests. then again, thats exactly what happened for the last 2 report cards, and I somehow managed an A. miraculous. i got a 110% on my history term paper, and a 120% on my psychology. its technically out of 100, like usual, but the highest mr apps gives is a 120, so i was really happy i got that. hopefully that 110 will bring up my grade to at least passing...hopefully a B or maybe even an A again. :-)

i have more to say about stuff (gee, how vague can i be?) but its late and i really should go to bed...:-( its about friends and how i am, once again, in the middle awkward position. i'll explain tomorrow.

i LOVE my picture with scott from UL! he is sooo cute. and hes making this adorable face. im not sure if it was intentional or just cuz he was out of it on who-knows-what, but hes still cute. damn, they need to come back and play another show so i can make up my mind whether or not i like him. :-P the picture of us is sitting right next to my computer and i cant stop admiring him...he was such an ass onstage but such a sweetie offstage...i dont know what to think.

AH! i just had deja-vu....

okay, i really should go now...

i have a history test tomorrow that i'm gonna fail!!

and an english test on the great gatsby that i'll probably do pretty well on. i've been up all night ("yeah we're all right! to see the sun come up again! just one more reason see the sun come up agaaaaaiiiiiiiin!!!! YEAH YEAH") reading the simplified version off of that site is such a life saver...or, more accurately, a grade-saver. i understand that book more than i would have if i just read it. it involves, like, a love-pentagon. its so nice to have a page that explains the characters and who's married to who and who's having an affair with who's wife etc...

okay, now i really am going to go..its 1AM!!

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one more quiz

My alarm clock was set an hour ahead so I now have an hour to do nothing. I just noticed ellie has some quizzes I havent done yet, so here they are:

Take the Eliteness Quiz Today!

</font> Okay, there was just one, but I had to take it. I dont know how accurate that one is tho, :-P
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why hadnt i noticed that benji's had his ears pierced since forever? ellie just pointed that out to me, and when i look at all the pics of him, i cant find one of him without them...

today was a halfday of school today, so juliana, lauren and i all got subway and came to my house and watched the glass house (my 3rd time, laurens 2nd, julianas 1st) and pearl harbor. both were pretty good.

damn it! i cant find anything about unwritten law as far as their history...its like a mystery. i want to know how long they've been a band, and i've only been able to find "early 90s" which could be 1990 or 1994 and i want to know, damn it! im also curious how old all the guys are, but no luck on that either. i'd like to know their birthdays so i can celebrate them. thats right...i have no life and celebrate peoples birthdays who dont even know who i am (well, actually, not true for scott, at least...:-D). like today, for example is chester from linkin parks birthday, so i listened to all my linkin park cds: hybrid theory, then my burned cd with all the unreleased shit. they have a *lot* of unreleased songs...and i also listened to my grey daze songs. anyway, if anyone has any info on UL, let me know! im not a stalker...i promise...;-)
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