April 7th, 2002

hell's kitten


amanda was being nice to me last night at metalfest....damn weirdness...emmy was there too, but she ignored me, as expected. amanda and emmy are best friends...and considering the bitchy email she wrote to me...i dont know why she was being so nice.

metalfest. hehe...that was fun. my mom left to abq around 1 or 2, and around 4 or 5 i got a call from caleb. "you going to metalfest tonight?" me: "what? i didnt know there was one..." him: "yeah, me and kira are going...you should go. and call lauren and juliana. i think it starts at 7" i did...lauren said she'd come, and that she'd call juliana. we agreed to meet outside the sac (student activity center....its at tech, the college here). none of us had heard about it...it wasnt very well publicized. usually they'd have a bunch of flyers all over tech, but i never even saw one.

that would explain why there was an extremely tiny audience. there was only about 40 people there. 10 high schoolers, 10 middle schoolers, 5 techies, 5 light/sound people, and the rest makes up the guys in the 4 bands....really pathetic.

i was hesitant about going, since my mom didnt know, and she wouldnt let me go to metalfest a few months ago ("its late! there'll be *guys* there!"). she can be so paranoid sometimes. especially about this. i knew 90% of the people there, and half were younger than me. i was surrounded by friends, i had a truck i could leave in if i wanted and even so, it's walking distance home. i decided to call her on her cell phone and leave a message. those messages dont always get through, but "i didnt know that" heehee....shed said she wasnt going to be back until 11 or so, and just go straight over to her boyfriends house and spend the night there. so i figured i was fine.

it wasnt so much of a concert, but more like a bunch of people watching some unknown bands play. and yes, theres a difference. everyone would go outside and talk in between bands, then usually of the band members went outside to announce to everyone they were about to play. extremely small crowd.

the bands were pretty cool. systemic went first. they were selling cds for $3 and had signed 3 of them. if you ended up picking an autographed one, it was free. i figured i'd buy one and i got lucky and it was autographed! i was pretty stoked about that. god...i just said "stoked"....they had pictures they were handing out and i got it autographed by the singer (who was really hot...kinda looked like mark from adema), the drummer and the guitarist. the singer almost got my name right. him: "whats your name?" me: "serafina" him: "s-e-r-i-f-i-n-o?" i was impressed. most people think Sarah's my first name and Fina's like a last name or something.

i was standing with lauren watching the next band set up when a guy mid-20s came up to us and started talking to us. he was really nice. he said he was in the band thats going after the next one. he said the name, but i couldnt understand him. partly cuz of the loud music they were blasting (drum sound check+guitar cound check = loud) and partly cuz (as i later found out) he was saying "fomofuiab." he babbled about how we had cool names and he had a boring one (mike).

then went brutal infliction. they were pretty good. someone from in the band handed out stickers outside while we were waiting for them to set up.

i'd been seeing this really hot guy walking around. he was really hot, so i decided he had to be in one of the bands, cuz no one here in "suck-orro" is that good looking. it turned out he was the guitarits for fomuiab. he took his shirt off during the set...*drool*...

fomofuiab was next. lauren disappeared during their set. i assumed she just went outside for a second and would be back. we had been about halfway (damn how do i esplain this...)....we're halfway between the stage and the back wall. i dont know how else to describe it. we were halfway back. damn, im tired. anyway, all 3 bands so far had been trying to encourage people to move more to the front, since, if we wanted, we couldve moved up to the front and been touching the stage. i decided to be nice and "show some support" or whatever. i figured i should since mike was so nice earlier. i had fun, but didnt see lauren at all. i bought fomo's cd for $5.

they finished at about 11, and i decided to go for 3 reasons. 1) i'd seen insight before at another tech thing. 2) i was tired...still recovering from the jetlag from paris. 3) i was paranoid about my mom not being happy about me going. it turns out she didnt know until this morning when i told her, and she didnt care.

i compiled a list of bands i like....did i miss any?

me first and the gimme gimmes, papa roach, no fx, mxpx, butthole surfers, less than jake, korn, cake, dead kennedys, descendents, suicidal tendencies, good charlotte, staind, nfg, disturbed, qta (local band), eve 6, jimmy eat world, goldfinger, adema, sevendust, eminem, bad religion, system of a down, sugarcult, him, dashboard confessional, saves the day, cky, smashing pumpkins, schatzi, mest, unwritten law, midtown, the living end, pennywise, alkaline trio, linkin park, rancid, nofx, green day, wakefield, rx bandits, antiflag, the juliana theory, voodoo glow skulls, bowling for soup, afi, simple plan, the pennyroyals, gorillaz, stroke 9, marilyn manson, grey daze, rob zombie, lit, savage garden, godsmack, blink 182, dynamite boy, something corporate, the queers, schlong, fomofuiab, incubus, agnostic front, further seems forever, slick shoes, boxer, drowning pool, no motiv, 88 fingers louie, link 80, the ataris, thrice, thursday, mustard plug, the ramones, union underground, millencolin,
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hell's kitten

damn people

i've now heard from 3 people that blink/green day/jew have added a date here in nm. all 3 times i got my hopes up, and all 3 times i have unfortunately proved them wrong. damn you people...stop doing that unless its true!!!! but if its true, i'll be the first to know...i have so many places to get the info from. im on ticketmasters list, pollstars list, several "punk" lists, a few blink yahoo groups, a few green day yahoo groups and jimmy eat world's and blink's official newsletter. believe me, i'll know.
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